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Water Sensitive Urban Design Technical Guidelines for the Coastal Dry Tropics (Townsville)

By:   on: Sun 22 of Nov., 2009 23:37 EST  (12696 Reads)
The draft WSUD Technical Design Guidelines for the Coastal Dry Tropics region (Townsville) have been developed to meet the needs of Council, industry and our community for the promotion of best practice design and construction of WSUD treatment systems.
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Premier opens new green technology facility in Townsville

By: System Administrator  on: Fri 20 of Nov., 2009 02:13 EST  (11818 Reads)
New materials
Premier Anna Bligh today officially opened a world-leading algal bio-fuel research and development facility at Townsville's James Cook University, that could hold the key to rapid reductions in carbon emissions from coal fired power stations.
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State of World Population 2009

By: System Administrator  on: Fri 20 of Nov., 2009 00:26 EST  (9502 Reads)

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