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Sticky Welcome to the Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design! 4 234999 Wed 25 of Feb., 2009 03:56 EST
Re: Welcome to the Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design! by troppo1933 points 
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Normal Rainwater tanks and houses 2 192095 Mon 23 of Nov., 2009 20:25 EST
Re: Rainwater tanks and houses by System Administrator
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Normal Water Sensitive Urban Design Technical Guidelines for the Coastal Dry Tropics (Townsville) 0 188347 Sun 22 of Nov., 2009 23:46 EST askvor  
Wiki Syntax
Bold text     __text__
Italic text     2 single quotes (').     ''text''
Underlined text     ===text===
Colored text
~~#FFEE33:text~~ or ~~yellow:text~~. Will display using the indicated HTML color or color name. Color name can contain two colors separated by a comma. In this case, the first color would be the foreground and the second one the background.
Deleted text     2 dashes "-".     --text--
!heading1, !!heading2, !!!heading3
!+, !!- show/hide heading section. + (shown) or - (hidden) by default.
Autonumbered Headings
!#, !!#, !+#, !-# ...
Table of contents
{toc}, {maketoc} prints out a table of contents for the current page based on structures (toc) or ! headings (maketoc)
Horizontal rule     ----
Text box     ^Box content^
Centered text     ::text::
Dynamic variables
%Name% Inserts an editable variable
External links
use square brackets for an external link: [URL], [URL|link_description],[URL|link_description|relation] or [URL|description|relation|nocache] (that last prevents the local Wiki from caching the linked page; relation can be used to insert rel attribute for the link - useful e.g. for shadowbox).
For an external Wiki, use ExternalWikiName:PageName or ((External Wiki Name: Page Name))
Square Brackets
Use [[foo] to show [foo].
Wiki References
JoinCapitalizedWords or use ((page)) or ((page|description)) for wiki references , ((page|#anchor)) or ((page|#anchor|desc)) for wiki heading/anchor references , ))SomeName(( prevents referencing
* for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ;Word:definition for definiton lists
+, ++ Creates an indentation for each plus (useful in list to continue at the same level)
Title bar     -=Title=-
Monospace font     -+Code sample+-
Line break
%%% (very useful especially in tables)
Multi-page pages
Use ...page... to separate pages
Non parsed sections
~np~ data ~/np~ Prevents wiki parsing of the enclosed data.
Preformated sections
~pp~ data ~/pp~ Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside these sections (as with np), and the spacing is fixed (no word wrapping is done). ~pre~ data ~/pre~ also displayes preformatted text with fixed spacing, but wiki processing still occurs on the text.
~tc~ Tiki Comment ~/tc~ makes a Tiki comment. It will be completely removed from the display, but saved in the file for future reference. ~hc~ HTML Comment ~/hc~ makes an HTML comment. It will be inserted as a comment in the output HTML; these are not normally displayed in browsers, but can be seen using "View Source" or similar.
{r2l}, {l2r}, {rm}, {lm}Insert resp. right-to-left and left-to-right text direction DIV (up to end of text) and markers for langages as arabic or hebrew.
Special characters
~hs~ hard space, ~c~ ©, ~amp~ &, ~lt~ <, ~gt~ >, ~ldq~ “, ~rdq~ ”, ~lsq~ ‘, ~rsq~ ’, ~--~ —, ~bs~ \, numeric between ~ for html numeric characters entity

Because the Wiki paragraph formatting feature is off, each line will be presented as you write it. This means that if you want paragraphs to be wrapped properly, a paragraph should be all together on one line.


Note that plugin arguments can be enclosed with double quotes ("); this allows them to contain , or = or >.

User-Agent Info Add
Displays various information about the client.
Anchor Link Add
Creates a link to an anchor within a page. Anchors can be created using the ANAME plugin.
Anchor Name Add
Inserts an anchor in the wiki page. Anchors can be linked to using the ALINK plugin.
Image Annotation Add
Displays an image and allow the users to define zones to highlight information on the image.
Article Add
Includes an article's content within the page.
Article List Add
Includes a list of articles within the page.
Avatar Add
Displays the user Avatar
Back Add
Displays a link that allows to go back in the browser history
Backlinks Add
List all pages linking to the specified page.
Banner Add
Insert a banner
Blog List Add
Use BLOGLIST to include posts from a blog.
Box Add
Insert theme styled box on wiki page
Category Add
Insert list of items for the current/given category into wiki page
Category Orphans Add
Display Tiki objects that have not been categorized
Category Path Add
Insert the full category path for each category that this wiki page belongs to
Center Add
Centers the plugin content in the wiki page
Code Add
Displays a snippet of code
Dynamic Content Add
Includes content from the dynamic content system.
Cookie Add
Also known as Fortune cookies or Taglines
Countdown Add
Displays a countdown from now until the specified date.
Div Add
Insert a division block on wiki page
Definition List Add
Creates a definition list
Equation Add
Renders an equation written in LaTeX syntax as an image.
Events Add
Includes the list of events from a calendar in the page.
Fade Add
Displays a label. On click, the block of content will fade in and fade out.
Fancy List Add
Creates a fancy looking list
Fancy Table Add
Displays the data using the Tikiwiki odd/even table style
Files Add
Displays a list of files from the File Gallery
Flash video Add
Displays a SWF on the wiki page
Footnote Add
Inserts a superscripted footnote number next to text and takes in footnote as parameter.
Footnotearea Add
Inserts a section for collected footnotes within the wiki page.
Gauge Add
Displays a graphical gauge
Google Analytics Add
Add the tracking code for Google Analytics.
googledoc Add
Displays a Google document
Group Add
Display wiki text if user is in one of listed groups
Include literal HTML in a Wiki page
Iframe Add
Displays an iframe
Img Add
Displays an image.
Include Add
Include a page's content.
Jabber Add
Runs a Java applet to access a local Jabber service
JQuery Add
Insert JQuery javascript code. Requires feature_jquery (experimental - may change in future versions)
Javascript Add
Insert a javascript file or/and some javascript code.
Last Modification Add
The last_mod plugin replaces itself with last modification time of the named wiki page, or the current page if no name given
List Pages Add
List wiki pages.
Mediaplayer Add
Simple mp3 or flv Player
Insert Module Add
Displays a module inlined in page. More parameters can be added, not supported by UI.
Monospace Add
Displays the data using a monospace font
Mouse Over Add
Create a mouseover feature on some text
MWTable Add
Displays a table using MediaWiki syntax (experimental - may change in future versions)
MySpace Add
Displays a SWF myspace mp3 playlist on the wiki page
Object Hits Add
Displays object hit info by object and days
Poll Add
Displays the output of a poll, fields are indicated with numeric ids.
Profile Installer Add
Adds controls required to install a profile.
Proposal Add
Provides a widget for users to vote on a proposal and view the current decision.
Quote Add
Quote text by surrounding the text with a box, like the [QUOTE] BBCode
Random Dynamic Content Add
Includes random content from the dynamic content system.
Redirect Add
Redirect the user to a wiki page or generic URL.
Regular Expression Add
Takes regex expressions and parses the content between REGEX tags and replaces the text.
Remarks Box Add
Displays a comment, tip, note or warning box
RSS Feed Add
Inserts an RSS feed output.
sharethis Add
Display a social networking tool.
Show Pages Add
List wiki pages
Skype Add
Clickable Skype link
Snarf Add
Include the content of a remote HTTP page. Regular expression selecting the content portion to include must be specified.
Sort Add
Sorts the plugin content in the wiki page
Split Add
Split a page into rows and columns
Subscript Add
Displays text in subscript.
Subscribe Group Add
Subscribe or unsubscribe to a group
Subscribe Groups Add
Subscribe or unsubscribe to a group
Superscript Add
Displays text in superscript (exponent).
Tag Add
Displays the text between an html tag
Thumbnail Add
Displays the thumbnail for an image
Title Search Add
Search wiki page titles.
Translate Add
Translate a string using Tikiwiki translation table.
User Count Add
Displays the number of registered users
User List Add
Displays a list of registered users
Versions Add
Split the text in parts visible only under some conditions
Wanted Pages Add
Lists ''wanted'' wiki pages
Web Service Add
Obtains and display remote information exposed in JSON or YAML. The plugin can be used to display registered or unregistered services. Registered services may use more parameters not defined in this interface.
Youtube Add
Display youtube video in a wiki page

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