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"To achieve, sustain and promote the benefits of a clean, fresh and marine water ecosystem and to encourage, educate and reward integrated catchment management within a community framework. Emphasis is placed on information exchange linking like objectives resulting in increased quality of water in the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics region."


To maintain clean wetlands and healthy waterways from Creek to Coral within the Townsville Coastal Dry Tropics catchment. This will be achieved by emphasising a combined approach on a scientific, community, business and local, state and commonwealth government scale, resulting in good water quality, appropriately managed within the coastal catchments and local marine environments.


To utilise the skills, expertise and resources within the Townsville coastal catchments for its management;

Protect natural values, biodiversity and ecosystem services of the coastal catchments, floodplains and wetlands;

Ensure sustainable management of storm water quality and effluent;

To focus on the benefits and opportunities of total water cycle management including conservation of the regional water resource from rainfall to outfall;

To monitor and conduct scientific research into water quality in order to understand process and impacts;

To prepare coastal catchment and waterway health indicators;

To view the coastal marine environment as a biophysical indicator of our effectiveness in managing terrestrial waterways and wetlands;

Inform, educate, involve and engender community-based stewardship, awareness and ownership of catchment issues;

Develop innovative and nationally significant approaches to catchment and waterway management;

Formation of a Board of Directors and Project Control Group with supporting Working groups (Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Research, Community Education and Involvement, On-ground Action and Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Emergency Response);

Compliment and respect the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan (Aust. Gov.);

Acknowledge, reinforce and maintain previous partnerships and contributions, and aim to achieve on-ground results in the future;

To synergise with the Community Plan for Natural Resource Management in Townsville/Thuringowa as part of the development and implementation of the accredited Burdekin Dry Tropics Region Plan.
Four working groups are facilitated by a Creek to Coral Coordinator reporting to the Environmental Management Reference Group (EMRG) and the Project Control Group (PCG). The working groups bring together the key aspects of implementing the aims and objectives in relevant areas and include:

Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Research

Community Education and Involvement

On ground action and infrastructure

Environmental Protection and Emergency Response

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