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Solar City

About the Solar City Project - Townsville

The Townsville: Queensland Solar City is one of seven cities across Australia trialing community-wide solar power and energy efficiency to demonstrate the greenhouse gas emissions and energy savings possible if a whole community works together to do the bright thing.

The project, based at Magnetic Island and central Townsville is installing around 500 solar systems on selected homes and businesses to harness energy from the sun.

To help the community become energy efficient, 1500 smart meters are being installed that display a customer’s current electricity use and costs. On top of this, 1700 energy audits are being conducted, offering consumers helpful advice on how to reduce their energy use. New approaches to electricity pricing are also being trialed.

The Queensland Government is contributing $5 million towards the project, which is led by Queensland Government-owned Corporation, Ergon Energy. Townsville: Queensland Solar City is one of seven cities in the Australian Government’s $94 million Solar Cities program.

Community Involvement

In March 2010, around half way through the five-year program, more than 1100 residents on Magnetic Island had joined the initiative. Currently the island is generating 1230 kilowatt hours of energy from the sun each day, which is enough energy to power about 100 homes during daylight hours.

A large community education and engagement program is a central part of the project, to ensure continued protection of our Queensland lifestyle and environment, through making more sustainable choices.

Communities, like Magnetic Island, are helping build a virtual solar power station for Queensland. Bright ideas, like the Townsville Solar City initiative, have helped to double Queensland’s use of solar energy to 500 megawatts in less than two years - more than three years ahead of schedule.

You can contribute to this target too by doing the bright thing and installing a solar hot water system or solar power system on your home.

ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - Townsville Queensland Solar City

(Click the picture above to view the report or right click to save the report (external link), 2.64 Mb)

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