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Thematic Communication

Thematic Communication is a concept developed by Professor Sam Ham (University of Idaho) which focuses on provoking your audience to think and subsequently get your message across more successfully. Citysolar has been using Thematic Communication as part of its innovative community engagement strategy to inspire and provoke their audience towards acting on key messages in terms of energy use. Thematic communication workshops were presented by Professor Sam Ham in Townsville in April. 94 members from the community attended the workshops, including government employees, private business owners and students. In addition, Citysolar staged behaviour change Research Workshop with Professor Sam Ham during the same month.

During this time Professor Ham also presented to the National Association for Interpretation Conference in Townsville about the work that is currently being undertaken as a part of the Solarcity’s project in Townsville. This international conference was held in Townsville, due in no small part to Dr Ham’s recommendation that Interpreters from across the world should come and witness Townsville’s experiences in educating an entire community about sustainability. Professor Ham has been running these workshops in Townsville since 2008, and so far has presented to over 400 members of the community about the role Thematic Communication can play in inspiring change in your audience.

Prof. Sam Ham

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