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IBM Smarter City Challenge

What Is It?

The Smarter Cities Challenge is a 3-year IBM Corporate Citizenship initiative to enable 100 cities around the world to become smarter by enhancing their capacity to collect, analyze and act upon information across multiple core systems; to apply data-driven system of systems analysis to the key problems facing cities; to create a global network through which cities can measure progress and share best practices; and to foster cross-sector partnerships that address critical challenges, enabling cities around the world to become more vibrant and livable places for all their citizens.

Three Opportunities For Townsville

  • Build on TCC’s partnership with Ergon Energy, the Solar Cities consortium, and local/regional sustainability businesses and community/education networks and the highly successful Townsville Network Demand Management Pilot;
  • Enhance opportunities ensuing from the National Broadband Network (NBN) trial and new Smart Grid energy projects in Townsville;
  • Continue to develop and apply Townsville’s expertise in behaviour change methodologies such as Community-based Social Marketing (CBSM) and Thematic Communication by exploring smart technology information sharing, learning and social media networking.

Team Members

Glen Garner0000000000Lisa Johnston0000000000Annette Hicks0000000000Boxley Llewellyn0000000000Chris Holmes0000000000Jennifer Okimoto

00000000000000000Glen Garner000000000Lisa Johnston00000000Annette Hicks000000Boxley Llewellyn000000Chris Holmes0000000Jennifer Okimoto

Community Engagement

The IBM Smarter City Challenge Team meets with the mayor and the deputy mayor of Townsville

The IBM Smarter City Challenge Team visits Cathedral School

A Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design (CETD) Tour

The Emergent Business Practice Workshop

IBM participates in the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Forum

IBM Visits Paluma

IBM participates in Green Building Design workshop


“Townsville is a model for future IBM Smarter Cities Challenges” - Boxley Llewellyn (IBM)

Relevant Articles

Social Media


If you travelled the world looking for the definition of a smarter city, you would end up right here in Townsville.

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge0000000000Townsville City Council000000000000000IBM

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