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Wind-power Demonstration in Townsville (Vedio)

Solar Panels Around Townsville (Photos)

Below are the solar street lights

Below are the solar panels installed on the roof of the library

Below are the solar panels installed on the roof of administration building on Walker Street

Citysolar - Community Capacity Building Program

Citysolar is Townsville City Council's innovative program forming part of the Townsville: Queensland Solar City Project. Citysolar works together with businesses and residents to create a collective energy wise response to climate change.

Citysolar will work with the Townsville community to:

Inform and educate the community about energy supply, use and conservation
Transfer lessons from the various Townsville Solar City trials to the wider community
Connect with schools and community groups to drive wide-scale community change
Investigate and provide response to the barriers to demand side management in our homes and businesses
Research and provide trial incentives for more sustainable energy use
Demonstrate cutting-edge solar power technology and design in our public urban buildings and spaces.
Citysolar builds on other sustainability initiatives, such as Creek to Coral, the widespread use of E10 petrol in Council Fleet vehicles, and City Hall's use of Green Energy.

Citysolar and Townsville: Queensland Solar City forms part of a wide range of sustainability projects undertaken by government, business and industry, and community, to make Townsville a hub of sustainability, and one of the world's leading sustainable cities.

Original Source: http://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/community/sustainability/Pages/citysolar.aspx (external link)


This Wiki Page is created by Jack Shao, a work experience student studying energy saving measures and sustainability development based in Townsville, QLD. All information is gathered for personal research purpose only and there is no local government or bussiness involved in this Wiki Page development.''

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