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Forums > General > Rainwater tanks and houses

Rainwater tanks and houses

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I noticed this as an entry, but can't find an associated article ?

Yes, I have thought about this subject - and have also carried out some detailed modelling and analysis. and my conclusion is - rainwater tanks are not cost-effective in North Queensland (and perhaps not cost-effective in many other places either).

The question in Queensland is not so much concerned with whether a rainwater tank is a "good" idea or even a "feel-good" idea. The question is -
is it appropriate to mandate the installation of rainwater tanks for new private dwellings in this region, as required by Part MP (Mandatory Part) 4.2 of the Queensland Development Code?

The modelling referred to is a spreadsheet which includes:
- records all daily rainfall recorded at Townsville airport from August 2004
- a usage calculator for a typical installation complying with MP 4.2 installation and usage specifications
- calculation of of 'tank dry' days and days of tank over-topping under the usage regime.

Summary results as at 9 March 2007.
(This was the last time the model was run, but subsequent runs to the present can be undertaken)

Days elapsed 938
Years 2.6
Annual saving kL 34.5
Annual saving @ $1.55/kL $53.43

Capital cost (2007) $5000
(power and maintenance p.a. not calculated)

Recovery period 93 years

(note: $1.55 is the 'penalty' rate for a kilolitre of water, 2007)

The answer is a resounding NO.

It should be noted that up until recently, the Townsville region has been producing around 2000 detached dwellings per annum. So, if tank installations were mandatory, the additional annual cost of constructing new houses (at 2007 prices) would be $10,000,000, and the annual value of water saved a mere $106,860.

It is as well that the above has assisted in ensuring that a 3 year exemption (to 2010) has been granted for MP 4.2 in this region. There may perhaps be reasons for increasing the large-scale storage of rainwater for future security, replenishment of aquifers etc, but rainwater tanks aren't the answer.


Martin Clark

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Following up on previous:

A re-run of the simulation with rainfall data up to November 2009 confirms that the compulsory installation of rainwater tanks in the region would continue to be an enormous waste of resources.

Results Summary:
Days elapsed 1901
Years 5.2
Days of rain 466
Annual saving 31.7 kL per dwelling
Annual saving @ $1.55/kL $49.11
Capital cost 5000.00
Cost recovery period 101.8 Years
Tank overtopped on 175 Days
Tank empty on 46 Days

Annual average rainfall (BoM) 1121.5mm
Annual average rainfall 1/8/04 to 12/11/09 1178.6mm

Regards Martin Clark

admin posts: 3 5 stars private message user offline Australia
I noticed this as an entry, but can't find an associated article ?

There is an article with a little video from the U.S.:
http://www.tropicaldesign.org/wiki/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=4 (external link)

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module="Module name as known in Tikiwiki."
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Mouse Over
Create a mouseover feature on some text
label="Text displayed on the page. The body is the mouseover content"
[ url="Destination link when moused-over text is clicked. Use http:// for external links" ]
[ text="DEPRECATED Text displayed on the mouseover. The body contains the text of the page." ]
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[ offsetx="Shifts the overlay to the right by the specified amount of pixels in relation to the cursor. Default: 5px" ]
[ offsety="Shifts the overlay to the bottom by the specified amount of pixels in relation to the cursor. Default: 0px" ]
[ parse="y|n, parse the body of the plugin as wiki content. (Default to y)" ]
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[ textcolor="#FFFFFF" ]
[ sticky="y|n, when enabled, popup stays visible until an other one is displayed or it is clicked." ]
[ padding="Default: 5px" ]
Mouseover text if param label exists. Page text if text param exists
Displays a table using MediaWiki syntax (experimental - may change in future versions)
[ fancy="true|false" ]
[ wiki_classes="true|false" ]
Displays a SWF myspace mp3 playlist on the wiki page
page="MySpace page name."
Object Hits
Displays object hit info by object and days
object="Object ID"
type="Object Type"
[ days="?" ]
Displays the output of a poll, fields are indicated with numeric ids.
pollId="Poll ID"
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Adds controls required to install a profile.
[ domain="Profile repository domain. Default value is profiles.tikiwiki.org" ]
name="Name of the profile."
Provides a widget for users to vote on a proposal and view the current decision.
[ caption="Short description of the proposal to vote on. Will be displayed above the result table." ]
The list of votes casted. One vote per line. Either 0, +1 or -1 followed by a username.
Quote text by surrounding the text with a box, like the [QUOTE] BBCode
[ replyto="Name of the quoted person." ]
Quoted text
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id="Numeric value."
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[ page="Wiki page name to redirect to." ]
[ url="Complete URL, internal or external." ]
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search="Page name containing the regular expression."
one data per line
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[ sticky="y|n" ]
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search="Portion of a page name."
[ info="hits|user" ]
[ exclude="Pipe separated list of page names to exclude from results." ]
[ noheader="0|1" ]
Translate a string using Tikiwiki translation table.
{TR( )}
User Count
Displays the number of registered users
Group name
User List
Displays a list of registered users
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[ max="Result limit." ]
[ sort="asc|desc" ]
[ layout="table" ]
[ link="userpage|userinfo|userpref" ]
Login Filter
Split the text in parts visible only under some conditions
[ nav="y|n - Displays a navigation box that allows users to select a specific version to display." ]
[ title="y|n - Display the current version name as the title. Note: Do not work when nav=>y" ]
[ default="Specifies version label to show when displaying the page for the first time. e.g. 'Default'" ]
Block of text separated by ---(version x)--- markers. Text before the first marker is used by default.
Wanted Pages
Lists ''wanted'' wiki pages
[ ignore="A wildcard pattern of originating pages to be ignored. (refer to PHP fuction fnmatch() for details)" ]
[ splitby="The character, by which ignored patterns are separated. possible values: characters" ]
[ skipext="Whether to include external wikis in the list. possible values0 / 1" ]
[ collect="Collect either originating or wanted pages in a cell and display them in the second column. possible values: from / to" ]
[ debug="Switch-on debug output with details about the items. possible values: 0 / 1 / 2" ]
[ table="Multiple collected items are separated in distinct table rows, or by comma or line break in one cell. possible values: sep / co / br" ]
[ level="Filter the list of wanted pages according to page_regex or custom filter. The default value is the site's __current__ page_regex." ]
Custom level regex. A custom filter for wanted pages to be listed (only used when level=>custom). possible values: a valid regex-expression (PCRE).
Web Service
Obtains and display remote information exposed in JSON or YAML. The plugin can be used to display registered or unregistered services. Registered services may use more parameters not defined in this interface.
[ url="Complete service URL" ]
[ service="Registered service name." ]
[ template="For use with registered services, name of the template to be used to display the service output. This parameter will be ignored if a body is provided." ]
[ bodyname="Name of the argument to send the body as for services with complex input. Named service required for this to be useful." ]
Template to apply to the data provided. Template format uses smarty templating engine using double brackets as delimiter. Output must provide wiki syntax. Body can be sent to a parameter instead by using the bodyname parameter.
Display youtube video in a wiki page
movie="URL to the Youtube video"
[ width="Width in pixels" ]
[ height="Height in pixels" ]
[ quality="quality" ]

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